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Ginger is a rhizome plant. Ginger rhizome shaped fingers that bulge in the middle sections. The dominant spicy taste is due to a ketone compound called zingeron. Ginger is very popular as a spice and medicinal ingredient. Curcuma Domestica Rhizoma
Used as a spice, cosmetics, and traditional medicine.

8 Turmeric Side Effects if Consumed Excessively

Despite being known as the rhizomes with myriad of benefits a surprising negative side effects still exist when it’s consumed excessively. Not only is it used as a spice seasoning, turmeric has also been used as traditional herb drinks for a long time. From generation to generation, turmeric is believed to be able to solve a lot of problems and diseases. For example, it’s used as an herbal drink before childbirth and sometimes as a pain reliever from menstruation. Lots of modern research have shown that turmeric is indeed a spice with many benefits, making the use of it becoming more and more prominent in society. Especially since the spread of Covid-19, turmeric and other herbs was in high demand in the market. But did you know that despite its many benefits, an excessive consumption of turmeric is still not good?This is because turmeric has a lot of active substances in it. Here are some of the side effects that we should pay attention to, as summarized by theAsianparent:Some of the s…

7 Red Ginger Benefits That Some People Aren’t Aware

The benefits of red ginger for your health – Did you know that ginger also have lots of different types? Some of them is more effective in keeping your body healthy. One of those types that most people don’t know of its many benefits when consumed is red gingerFitting for its name, red ginger has a reddish tone on its surface, making it easy to differentiate from other kind of ginger. The insides of this ginger also have a yellow reddish color on it. Not only that, the size of red ginger is most of the times smaller and overall have a lot more spice to it.With having an appearance and taste that’s stronger than other ginger, red ginger of course is more effective when used as medicinal herb. Curious what are those benefits? Let’s check it out.7 Red Ginger Benefits That Most People Aren’t AwareBenefits of red ginger are as follow: 1.Effective in relieving cough and sore throatHaving the warm sensation when it’s consumed, red ginger often times is the preferred choice when experiencing s…

Get To Know About Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a plant belonging to the family of poaceae  which is used as a spice to scent food. The members of the poaceae are the most populous in the world because there are many cultivated plants that are members and are widely planted as food. In general, the characteristics of the poaceae plant are segmented stems, crownless flowers, and ribbon-shaped leaves. Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) is a plant that lives wild and has pseudo-trunk that forms thick clumps up to 1 - 2 meters high. The stems of the lemongrass plant are also stiff and break easily. The stems of the lemongrass plant are clustered and tuberous, and soft and hollow. The contents of the stem are tuber fronds for shoots and are white and yellowish in color. the root is a type of fibrous root with a short rhizome and light brown roots. The leaves are green and not stemmed, rough, long, and pointed, almost resembling thatch leaves. In addition, the leaves of this plant have a ribbon-like shape that gets tapered off…

The Diverse Turmeric Drinks to Enhance Body Resistance and Health

The popularity of turmeric as a spice with many benefits keep increasing day by the day. This spice with bright yellow color offers many benefits as turmeric drinks for your health. The active curcumin in it becomes a strong compound that acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammation. This compound is thought to be able to prevent a couple of diseases from entering the body, from light diseases to chronic diseases. It’s become public knowledge that turmeric drinks contain many substances that are very beneficial for the body’s digestion. Other than for the body’s health, turmeric has also been often used as a natural food coloring and it can also even be processed as refreshing drinks. Turmeric can be consumed in many ways. Although this spice is most often used as food seasoning when used in traditional medicine, turmeric is processed into a drink. But good thing is that you can make these turmeric drinks by yourself at home. With the combination of other natural ingredients, turmeric…

The Various Benefits of Turmeric for Your Body

Turmeric is one of the kinds of food ingredients that has a unique taste and color. Not only used as seasoning, turmeric also has many benefits for your healthy that can be gained from the curcumin and essential oil it possesses. Some of the chemical compound that makes turmeric beneficial for your body are arabinose, fructose, glucose, calcium, cobalt, curcumin and essential oil. Each and every single one of them are beneficial for the body. Curcumin also has a role as something that brings the orangish yellow color on turmeric. The Various Benefits of Turmeric for the Body.Other than used to solve digestive problems, turmeric surprisingly has a lot of other benefits that you might not be aware of. Starting from easing inflammation to antidote for snake’s venom, here are the benefits that turmeric has: 1.Ease inflammationThe active substance curcumin in turmeric is an antioxidant that contain strong anti-inflammatory potential. There are 200 milligrams of curcumin on average in one te…

Understanding The Type Of Ginger

Giner (Zingiber officinale), is a type of rhizome that is very popular in its use as a spice and medicinal ingredients. Its rhizome is shaped like fingers that’s bulging on the middle whereas the spicy flavour is caused by ketones compound known as zingeron. Ginger is classified in the family of Zingiberaceae. The scientific name of ginger is given by William Roxburgh from the Greek word zingebri and the Sanskrit word, singaberi.
Ginger has pseudo stems with height of 30 to 100 cm. The roots are shaped like rhizome with its base having yellow to reddish color and a pungent smell. It has a pinnate leaf with the length of 15 to 23 mm and height ranging from 8 to 15mm and a feathery petiole. Ginger flower blooms from the ground shaped like an egg with a length of 3,5 to 5cm and width of 1,5 to 1,75 cm. The stem of its flower can be scaled from 5 to 7 pieces. The flower itself has a yellowish green color to it, where as the lips and head of the flower are purple. The ginger flower also has…

DIY : How To Make Ginger Drink?

When rain falls and the weather has become cold, a good ginger drinks is sought for to warm the body. Other than because of its unique and delicious taste, ginger drinks also have a lot of benefits such as solving stomach problems.In between other herbs, ginger is one of the herbs that’s most popular to be processed into traditional remedy for more than a thousand years. This mostly because of it’s benefits in keeping the body’s health.Understanding the Benefits of Ginger DrinksGinger drinks like ginger tea or ginger milk have been known for its benefits as a body warmer and healer for stomach problems especially nausea. This plant have also been known to contain laxative and natural antibiotics. But it’s not the extend of the benefits of ginger drink. There are a lot more to it that you as a reader should know of with them being:1. Reduces allergic reactionsA study revealed that ginger drinks can help reduces allergic reactions. This is because the anti-inflammatory property this pla…